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Goboko is closing

The Goboko aircraft booking service is closing on 21st April 2018 after serving the aviation community for 15 years. Click here for more information



Aviation weather

METAR KDAB 182153Z 07011KT 9SM FEW008 FEW050 21/19 A3024 RMK AO2 SLP238 T02110189

TAF KDAB 181944Z 1820/1918 06011KT P6SM SCT005 FM190000 05004KT P6SM FEW035 FM190900 10003KT 3SM BR SCT008 TEMPO 1909/1912 1SM BR SCT003 FM191500 11007KT P6SM FEW025

Aviation weather from ADDS. Re-check weather before flight.