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Goboko App and Website Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

Each flying club or group that uses Goboko maintains its own membership information on our secure servers hosted in London, England. Membership data is administered by individual clubs through the Goboko website. All communication with the Goboko servers takes place over a secure SSL connection.

A limited amount of this membership data is accessed by the Goboko app for iPhone and iPad over a secure SSL connection. Your information will never be shared with anyone who is not a member of your flying club or group

Here's how we use your information in the Goboko app:

Your account login (which is your e-mail address) and an encrypted version of your Goboko password are stored in our database and in your iPhone's or iPad's secure Keychain.

When you use the Goboko app on your iPhone or iPad, the following information is encrypted and stored in your app’s private storage:

  • your name
  • your flying clubs or groups
  • your aircraft bookings
  • the airport(s) where you are based (for travel directions and for aviation weather reports)

On our website, you may choose to store other personal information such as your pilot ratings and renewal dates as well as additional contact details; this optional information is not transmitted to the Goboko app on your iPhone

If you have any questions or concerns over how your personal information will be protected by the Goboko app or on the Goboko website, please e-mail contact[at]goboko.com.

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