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An Alsatian makes Santa's sleigh to fly over villages.
Luc Warth, instructor at the Alsace paramotor school in Elsenheim, built a Santa Claus sleigh from a two-seater cart.

Today we said Farewell to our A380 9H-MIP and in a very special way
We draw a Heart in the sky as a final tribute to the @mirpurifoundation and the “Save the Coral Reefs” Campaign, raising awareness of the need to protect our oceans.

Plane makes emergency landing on US highway, crashes into a car
A single-engine plane made an emergency landing on a highway in the city of Minneapolis in the US.



12/21/2020 11:40 AM

Thanks Chad

Chad Mauger

Chad Mauger

12/20/2020 03:23 AM

(2) http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2020/12/bellanca-17-30a-viking-n28067-accident.html

Chad Mauger

Chad Mauger

12/20/2020 03:22 AM

Here are some better sources (1) https://kstp.com/news/driver-of-vehicle-hit-by-plane-on-i-35w-recalls-frightening-collision-kindness-that-followed-december-3-2020/5941525/?cat=1

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