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About Goboko - aircraft booking

More than 47,000 pilots from 2,800 flying clubs in 35 countries, have booked 2,057,935 reservations on Goboko.

Goboko around the world: from Alaska to New Zealand, from Greenland to South Africa

The Goboko aircraft online application was created in 2003 by a flying syndicate at Biggin Hill, EGKB.

In 2019, a new dynamic is launched: complete redesign of the interface, addition of new modules (sharing of experience, communication, reminders), GDPR compliance, creation of the Android app ... while keeping the spirit of departure and by giving more importance to your data and your privacy wishes.

The Goboko web site and mobile app are designed for any flying group, club or commercial school to use and maintain to book their aircraft.

A complete and highly configurable booking system

  • Multiple ways to display bookings:
    • day at a time for all aircrafts and instructors (or a selection of them)
    • week at a time for an aircraft + instructor
    • month or year overview for an aircraft + instructor
    • list of club or personal bookings, with many custom filters
    • log of last bookings made or modified
  • Booking by pilot or only by club
  • Configurable operating hours and booking time slot
  • Waiting list (blocked bookings) with automatic confirmation upon cancellation of the blocked booking
  • Blocking out for maintenance downtime
  • Booking notifications
    • if they wish, pilots, instructors and managers can receive an email when an aircraft is booked or released.
    • managers can also force notifications of their members for bookings about them
  • Automatic synchronization of your bookings in your google calendar Google calendar : your bookings viewable from your google calendar
  • Up to 3 next-of-kins. They confirm themselves their contact details.
  • Booking history and statistics

A software to follow the usage of the aircrafts, their maitenance...

  • After each flight, the pilot is invited to fill in the precise information, in particular on the duration of the flight.
  • A true electronic copy of the aircraft's flight logbook is thus maintained and available online.
  • By simply defining the milestones of your maintenance, you will have an estimate of their date, and will receive reminders as they approach.
  • But if you are only interested in the booking module, the "flight book" can be deactivated :o

... and payment for flight hours

  • Each pilot has a pilot account, in your currency.
  • Based on your price list, and the real flight duration, each logged flight is debited from the account of the pilot.
  • The club manager can also invoice services (baptisms, etc.) to outsiders, or additional services to his pilots (landing taxes, etc.)
  • Goboko manages both online payments (CB with Stripe) and offline (bank transfer, checks, etc.).

An autonomous and independent communication and exchange system

  • Secure instant messaging between members
  • Sharing of publications, photos and videos with a social network approach
  • Management of private or public events, to communicate on an air meeting or organize your general meeting

Member reminders and renewals

  • To be entered by the pilots in person, or managed by the club
  • An overview specially designed for clubs
  • Reminders sent by email as pilot approaches a deadline

And so many other features...

  • Mobile-friendly web site, iPhone, iPad and Android app
  • You can also create pages and promote them worldwide
  • Time zone-aware
  • GDPR compliant.
    On each of your personal data, you can see who can access it or not. Except in special cases (confidential data such as your password, etc.), you can set this confidentiality with buttons looking like this: confidential change button
  • Available in English and French

Download our presentation brochure

Want a try?

Take a trial flight to try out the booking system and when you are ready to start using Goboko, click here to sign up your flying group or just as pilot/passionate.

What about conditions and prices?

Read our conditions page, especially the section on our prices.

Goboko on iPhone, iPad and Androïd devices

Goboko on the App Store Goboko on the Play Store

SSL Secured Your data encrypted in transmission by SSL, graded A+ by Qualys Secured Swiss Server Our applications are hosted in Switzerland, on a private server completely secure and saved

Happy New Year 2024 to our flying club members! May your flights be safe, with aerial discoveries and unforgettable moments in the skies, and may this year offer to you new horizons and extraordinary aerial adventures!




01/11/2024 01:06 PM

Happy New Year to you as well!

It's Roland Garros time !

Opened in 1928, Roland Garros was built to preserve France's tennis success the year prior the country won the Davis Cup. Emile Lesieur, president of the Stade Francais at the time, requested the venue be named after his heroic former classmate Roland Garros, who had died during World War I in 1918.

Roland Garros very quickly wants to take part of the aviation history. He buys himself a plane and learns to fly alone! The pilot will be certified after the fact. He managed to "get hired" after three hours of flight, for big meetings in the United States, in New York. We’re going to call him "Cloud kisser".…

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The Aircraft Supporting D-Day

« Supporting Operation Overlord were more than 11,000 planes. Above the chaos on the beach, these airmen provided air cover and strafed reinforced concrete strongholds. Through the smoke-filled gray skies flew P-51 Mustangs, P-47 Thunderbolts, Supermarine Spitfires, and Hawker Hurricanes. Behind the lines cutting off supplies and reinforcements by attacking trains, convoys and factories flew bombers like A20 Havocs, B-26 Marauders, Avro Lancasters, and P-38 Lightnings. Transporting and dropping airborne assault troops behind the Germans before the beach landings were C-47 Dakotas. Carrying soldiers inland to attack the German’s flanks were British and American glider aircraft like the CG-5 Hadrin and A.S. 51 Horsas.

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In loving memory of Jean-Claude alias John

Dear Members,

Since its inception in 2003 by two co-owners of an airplane at Biggin Hill, EGKB, Goboko has been assisting you in managing your bookings, whether you are instructors, pilots, student pilots, enthusiasts, or just plain passionate.

In 2019, a new dynamic was launched by Jean-Claude (whom you also knew as John): complete overhaul of the interfaces, addition of new modules (experience sharing, communication, tracking of key dates), GDPR compliance, creation of Android and iOS applications... Jean-Claude had modernized Goboko, while keeping its essence. He was passionate and gave wings to Goboko.…

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