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Goboko, free online aircraft booking software

Goboko, free online aircraft booking software

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More than 37,500 pilots from 2,300 flying clubs, have booked 1,503,196 reservations on Goboko.

The Goboko aircraft online application was created in 2006 by a flying syndicate at Biggin Hill, EGKB.

In 2019, a new dynamic is launched: complete redesign of the interface, addition of new modules (sharing of experience, communication, reminders), creation of the Android app ... while keeping the spirit of departure and by giving more importance to your data and your privacy wishes.

The Goboko web site and mobile app have always been completely free for any flying group, club or commercial school to use to book their aircraft.

A complete and highly configurable booking system

  • Multiple ways to display bookings:
    • day at a time for all aircrafts and instructors (or a selection of them)
    • week at a time for an aircraft + instructor
    • month or year overview for an aircraft + instructor
    • list of club or personal bookings, with many custom filters
    • log of last bookings made or modified
  • Booking by pilot or only by club
  • Configurable operating hours and booking time slot
  • Waiting list (blocked bookings) with automatic confirmation upon cancellation of the blocked booking
  • Blocking out for maintenance downtime
  • Booking confirmation e-mails (optional)
  • Booking history and statistics

An autonomous and independent communication and exchange system

  • secure instant messaging between members
  • sharing of publications, photos and videos with a social network approach
  • management of private or public events, to communicate on an air meeting or organize your general meeting

Member reminders and renewals

  • to be entered by the pilots in person, or managed by the club
  • an overview specially designed for clubs
  • reminders sent by email as pilot approaches a deadline

And so many other features...

  • Mobile-friendly web site, iPhone, iPad and Android app
  • You can also create pages and promote them worldwide
  • Time zone-aware
  • Available in English and French

Want a try?

Take a trial flight to try out the booking system and when you are ready to start using Goboko, click here to sign up your flying group or just as pilot/passionate.


GOBOKO . COM published 2 days ago on the wall of Goboko (official)...

On September 30th, 1956, during a drunken argument in a New York City Bar, a man named Thomas Fitzpatrick claimed he could fly an airplane from New Jersey to New York in under 15 minutes. To prove himself, Fitzpatrick left the bar, stole an airplane from a New Jersey airfield at 3am, flew without lights or radio completely intoxicated, and landed the airplane in the street in front of the bar. The owner of the plane was so impressed that he refused to press charges, and Fitzpatrick was only fined $1000 for his stunt. Two years later, Fitzpatrick got into another drunken argument in which another bar patron refused to believe his wild story, so he did it again. This time finding himself in prison for 6 months....The Original “Hold my beer story”

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GOBOKO . COM published 08/04/2019 on the wall of Goboko (official)...

110 years after Louis Blériot, Franky Zapata crossed the Channel this morning. "Progress is only the culmination of utopias," wrote Oscar Wilde. Congratulations M.Zapata!

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GOBOKO . COM published 07/06/2019 on the wall of Goboko (official)...

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08/11/2019 06:29 PM

thanks i like " charmingly French" we correct on website, need time for correct on Apps



08/07/2019 05:37 PM




08/02/2019 05:44 PM

Thanks for the iPhone app. It is clean and efficient. One small point: while 'Booking Edition" is charmingly French, perhaps 'Edit Booking' is a better headline for the editing screen. Great stuff.


GOBOKO . COM published 07/02/2019 on the wall of Goboko (official)...

Baby and father (or mother)

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