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Abingdon United Kingdom


About the show

The Abingdon Air and Country Show began in 2000 as a local fete organised by Neil Porter, a landscape gardener by trade. Created with the desire to put something back into the community and to provide a family day out at an affordable price.

The 2000 event barely broke even, but through perseverance, the show has steadily grown into one of the area’s largest annual events and established itself as a highlight on the airshow calendar.

Unlike the majority of the UK’s airshows, everyone involved in the show’s organisation is a volunteer. This has meant that, over the past 19 years, we have been able to donate over £94,500 to charity, including £77,595.70 to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, £14,000 to Douglas House Respite Centre, and a further £3,000 to other local charities.

By 2001, the cost of organising the show was £4,000 and only around one fifth the size of the event of today. Fast forward to 2018 and it costs over £80,000 to stage the event. Undeterred, every year we hold the event and pay the bills that go with it - some of which you can see below - and then make a donation to charity, being mindful that we need to keep some money in reserve in case we have to cancel a show because of the weather.

Abingdon Airfield is situated in the heart of Oxfordshire, just five miles away from Oxford and one mile west of Abingdon town.

The easiest way to reach the Abingdon Air & Country Show is by car, the public entrance to the event is just one mile from the A34 and three miles from the A420.

For 2018 there are separate entrances for advanced ticket holders and on the day ticket sales. It is important you travel to the correct gate otherwise you are likely to be delayed.

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